Setting the Sun on AutismPodcast For Now

Thanks and goodbyeHi all,

I had a wonderf six years doing Autismpodcast and learned so much from the nearly 100 episodes I produced.

The podcast was a way for a father to learn about autism from medical providers, parents, children and people on the autism spectrum.

Like a tv series, it has reached its conclusion for me and I currently do not plan to do any more podcasts.

Thank you to all the listeners for keeping me going all these years.


Michael Boll, father to a son on the autism spectrum.

4 thoughts on “Setting the Sun on AutismPodcast For Now

  1. Nancy

    Just wanted to say thanks for this wonderful podcast. I came across it late, having only discovered it a few months ago, but I have THOROUGHLY enjoyed listening to your interviews and have learned a ton. I have a son with autism so it is all so relevant to my every day life. Thank you.

  2. Antoinette Go

    What a bummer to find your site only last night, download some of your strategies for distracted students, follow through the links, just to find out you are saying goodbye.
    I wish this is only temporary and wish you more power and all the best.
    Like you I am an overseas middle school teacher of technology and media literacy (also journalism, yearbook, and graphic design) and I have a 5-year old who is on the fringes of the autism spectrum. I was hoping to pick your brains and follow you online as you have started on your journey as an educator and as a parent much earlier than I have.
    Thanks for sharing your time, talent, and knowledge.

    1. admin

      Thanks for the kind words. It has been a long haul, but Braden is now 13 and we have come to terms (most of the time) with his autism and what it means for our lives.

      Hopefully one day I will start this podcast back up!

      Good luck out there!

      1. admin

        Thanks so much Nancy. Doing the podcast was a huge help to me for many, many years. Glad I could share my learnings with others.


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