Episode 78 | iConverse an iPhone/iPod Touch Application

Shannon Johnson of FoggyRock.com and I talk with the co-creators of iConverse an iPhone/iPod touch application that functions much like a picture exchange communication system (PECS ).

While the application is new and currently contains only six icons, the potential for this efficient, useful, and compact assitive communication device is strong. The creators talk of users being able to generate their own icons at some point in the future as the software matures.

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One thought on “Episode 78 | iConverse an iPhone/iPod Touch Application

  1. Evan

    Check out iPrompts on the App Store. Its a brand new iPhone and iPod Touch application that lets you create picture schedules, social stories, countdown prompts and choice prompts using the built in camera and/or a library of stock images. There is even a video on YouTube of what field testers thought.


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